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Are you someone who experiences...

Trouble consuming foods, beverages or pills?
Voice changes or running out of air as you talk?
Speech that others have a hard time understanding?
Difficulty understanding others or expressing yourself to others?
Tip of the tongue moments where you can't come up with the words you want to say?
Difficulty managing your day to day affairs (e.g. managing medicine, scheduling, etc.)?

You Have Come to the Right Place.

AT Speech is a private speech therapy practice in Gainesville, FL specializing in adult swallowing & communication disorders. We also provide cognitive retraining to improve thinking skills such as memory, attention and problem-solving. For children, we manage speech & language disorders of preschoolers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Our services

Speech-Language & Voice Evaluations

Comprehensive, culturally sensitive assessment of your speech, language and voice skills.

Adult Speech Therapy

Speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallowing therapy for adults of all ages.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech, language and voice treatment for preschoolers ages 3-6 years.

What else can we provide?

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment- LSVT Loud!

A specialized speech & voice treatment which improves both the loudness of your voice as well as the clarity of your speech.

Bilingual Language Development & Disorders

We specialize in managing speech-language development & disorders in preschoolers who are bilingual.

Management of Swallowing Disorders

We help adults living with dysphagia learn to swallow again so they can enjoy the meals they love.

Pronouncing English as a Second Language

An accent modification program for adults who have regional or foreign accents that affect their ability to communicate clearly

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Our Inspiration

The Reason we Believe in Speech Therapy

To communicate is to express your thoughts & ideas in any language and through any mode- English, Spanish, German, American Sign Language, speech-generating devices, you name it. To communicate is also to listen with empathy, to understand the heart of another. Communication allows us to build deep, meaningful relationships with others. It's what takes couples from strangers to spouses. It's what allows a parent to bond with a child. Communication let's two children who timidly meet on the first day of school grow to become best friends. It takes businesses from mere thoughts to dreams come true. This is why we stand behind the far-reaching benefits of our work.

Our Therapy is:

Culturally sensitive
Based on research